Video - 1988 Saab SPG Exhaust sound

Videa Saab 900 1988 Saab SPG Exhaust sound

1988 Saab SPG Exhaust sound

3" Magnaflow exhaust. I was bored and decided to see what it sounds like from behind. Mods: Jak Stoll Performance Stage 2 fuel chip Swedish Dynamics Stage 3 APC 34lb. injectors 18"x12"x3" bar and plate custom intercooler K&N cone filter ClutchNet Stage 3 clutch kit (junk) 3" Magnaflow race cat. and exhaust (straight-thru muffler) Intrax springs Bilstein shocks EBC brakepads as of Christmas 2008 its gone through 2 ClutchNet clutches, and 2 transmissions. the car is all torn apart and has a new transmission and Sachs clutch waiting to go in.... probably in the springtime when all the snow melts. To do: 3" downpipe (I know, I know) Turbo upgrade (T3/60, T3/Super60, T3/T4 hybrid, Holset HX35 perhaps..)

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