Video - Cold start saab 9-3 [NO PREHEAT\GLOW PLUGS]

Videa Saab 9-1 Cold start saab 9-3 [NO PREHEAT\GLOW PLUGS]

Cold start saab 9-3 [NO PREHEAT\GLOW PLUGS]

This was a 3-in-1 test, for the starter which had been failing recently plus battery, but allso the coldest possible good start with no glow plugs. If I knew all the plugs or fuse was blown, any colder than this would be "no-go". It was -11*C (12*F) that morning, -15*C that night. Gas pedal was never touched, and sorry for the sun glare... Engine is a 2.2TiD Doing this seemed to help with the reliability problem with the starter motor. New ESPAR 5kW water heater\parking heater mod. Original 3kW one was apparenty dead\broken ever since I got the car. It would sometimes run only a couple minutes then stop. Now its working perfecly, 30mins of run time (timer) both the engine and inside of the car is warm! Exhaust view will be uploaded if anyone wants it.

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