Video - HELLER 1/72 Saab A/S 32 'Lansen' - A Building Review

Videa Saab HELLER 1/72 Saab A/S 32 'Lansen' - A Building Review

HELLER 1/72 Saab A/S 32 'Lansen' - A Building Review

This is a relatively unknown aircraft outside of Sweden, I guess.. I'm fortunate enough to have seen them fly operationally, if 'only' as target tugs, and they are beautiful in the air. Around 450 was made and the Swedish Air Force was the sole user. 2 Lansens are still flying with the Swedish Air Force Historical Flight, and one of thenm was used for testing the vulcanic ash in the air over Sweden during the Icelandic Volcano eruption in 2010. Kit No. 80343 Kit Rating: 8 / 10 (Builds very well, have some raised panel lines but nice detailoverall. The biggest inaccuracy is the fact that the air brake should always be out, when the plane is on the ground. The model does not allow for that, unless you open it up and scratchbuild the brakes. Decal Rating: Kit decals weren't used this time, but the mixed decals I used from my spares box went on well. Music from Jason Shaw / audionautix & Incompetech Photos and infor from Wikipedia and the internet. Picture of Saab 32 Lansen and Saab 35 Draken used for review purposes = Fair Use. All modelrelated photos and videoclips by BasicModelling

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