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my car collection

Re-load of this old video with my own music on instead of audioswap - now I can get paid for it instead of someone else. :) This video is really a slide-show of my expanding collection of 1/43 scale model cars, while many aging blokes build themselves a railway in the loft I have a village taking up the majority of a bedroom. Youre welcome to call me sad geek who should get out more its hardly going to bother me. The collection is likely to get bigger still; I have 5 new models on the way and will always be on the look-out for more. The reason Ive been collecting these might have something to do with feeling frustrated as a child with toy cars being of different scales, and how I just enjoy to see detailed models and comparing the over-all sizes, widths ect. My collection is made up of mainly Minichamps, Vanguards, Corgi, Cararama, Solido, Del Prado, Norev and Motorart. Understandably, most people will think this is the most boring thing on YouTube, but I am putting it up for the few like myself who just cant stop collecting these things. My collection at present is: Porsche Cayenne, 996 Carrera, and 911GT 2 Citroen DSs Jaguar XK220, XJ, XK8 and E-type Lamborghini Murcielago and Reventon Mercedes-Benz E 320, S 500, 200 D, CLK 320, A-Klasse, C-Klasse coupe, SL 500, CLK coupe, 300 SL and M-Class Honda NSX 2 Aston Martin DB5s and 2 DB7s BMW 328, 507, 1-series, 850 and Mini Ford Focus RSWRC, Escort Cosworth, Transit, Fairlane, Focus, Capri, F650 and mk.1 Granada Vauxhall ...

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