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With the Swedish government throwing its financial weight behind Saab in order to protect jobs, Saab can now get on with the job of producing new models, like this! The Saab 9-3X isnt the totally new model Saab really needs at this stage, but it does offer an intriguing alternative to the new Audi A4 Allroad, also revealed on this very page. In countries with a lot of snow and for people who live in very rural areas, the 9-3X is an ideal vehicle, but its probably of limited appeal in Ireland (Saab sold 312 cars in Ireland in January 2008, but in January of this year it sold just 19, and the 9-3X isnt going to boost sales significantly). Two versions of the 9-3X are offered: The 210hp 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol sits 35mm higher off the ground than a standard 9-3 estate and has all-wheel drive as standard, while the 180hp 1.9TTiD diesel engine comes with front-wheel drive only and sits only 20mm higher off the ground. The 9-3X is easily recognised by its new bumpers, unique wheels and distinctive body cladding. For more information log onto

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