Video - SAAB 9-4X Concept @ NAIAS Detroit 2008

Videa Saab 9-4X BioPower SAAB 9-4X Concept @ NAIAS Detroit 2008

SAAB 9-4X Concept @ NAIAS Detroit 2008

This is a promotional video of the beautiful concept made by the Swedish car manufacturer SAAB AB, the Saab 9-4X. I am a big fan Saab automobiles for their distinctive style, out-of-the box approach to automobiles, and its quirky charm. Its ownership by General Motors I have viewed with general contempt, though I must say that I applauded their all new 93 and the face-lifted 95 that were released under their management. It is however, time for SAAB to finally stand on its feet again and Saab 9-4X is one of quite a few prototypes that have hinted the design direction of the newly-independent car company. It's fresh, exciting, and reflects the company's new-found optimism in not just producing cars for the masses but to give them a taste of their view on the driving experience, the Scandinavian way. I'm very excited for SAAB's progress and will be watching closely and with enthusiasm. G

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