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Videa Saab 900 Saab 900 (1983 Finnish Ad)

Saab 900 (1983 Finnish Ad)

Let's see some vintage ad. This Saab ad, lucky me; I've been saved its high quality version (WMV) from (now Sometimes I do confused if Saab cars were born in finland, not Sweden. But now I don't because I've been watch Saab-Scania story for many times. It's Sweden as always. Finland is just another important Saab production facility. This ad is actually about Saab's exporting moment but from Finland instead of Sweden. Good-discerning quality described by 3 men from 3 European countries. This translation, I also brought from same website too: Saab owner - K. Petzold, Germany: "Actually I envy you Finnish people; you don't have to buy your Saabs as an imported cars like we do." Saab owner - J.-C. Gsponer, Switzerland: "Saab, such an excellent counter strike against non-individual mass production; Saab is well designed on it's every detail." Saab owner - M. Chiesa, Italy: "Saab, There is no other car like this. Absolutely." (V/O) "See, Saab is on the top of the appreciation everywhere it is exported; and is at its best here, where it was made."

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