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Saab Commercial

Yea, here's a Saab promotional that I made, please comment and or rate it. I haven't seen many Saab stuff on youtube, so I decided this would be cool to have on youtube for people to watch. I would love to make more but I need more clips. If you guys would like you can PM me and send me some videos of maybe your car, or any other car (preferably European makes) and I can try to put it into one of these montages. I love cars, and doin editing so. I also have BMW vids so if you want, watch them. Back to this montage, I put the REAL Saabs in, the 9-3, the 9-5 from MY 2003 and up. The 9-7x is just a trailblazer and the 9-2x is just an impreza. Disclaimer: I do not own these videos or music, all rights reserved to its rightful owners all rights reserved to Perfecto Records, Maverick Records.

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