Video - Saab - RBS 70 Man-Portable Air-Defence Missile System [480p]

Videa Saab 90 Saab - RBS 70 Man-Portable Air-Defence Missile System [480p]

Saab - RBS 70 Man-Portable Air-Defence Missile System [480p]

Air defence does not necessarily mean large semi-stationary installations. The RBS 70 man-portable air-defence missile system (MANPADS) has acquired a first-class reputation based on its outstanding performance, unique unjammable laser-guided missile, high reliability and availability. The 4th generation of RBS 70 is truly the best choice of MANPADS for present and future conflicts. The RBS 70 is combat-proven and has the capability to combat targets from ground level up to 5000m. Due to the smart laser proximity fuze and the high-tech warhead, the system can defeat armoured targets on the ground as well as small air targets, eg UAVs and cruise missiles. The system has been designed to be easy to use requires minimum personnel and logistic support, enabling it to be deployed and redeployed quickly and to have minimised reaction time. The unjammable laser-guided RBS 70 system is designed to counter the modern threat, which besides bombers and fighter-bombers, also includes stand-off weapons, UAVs and other small air targets as well as ground targets. The RBS 70 system combines modern advanced technology with the Saab's more than 50 years of experience in air-defence systems, missiles and radars, into a powerful and cost-effective air-defence system. VSHORAD requirements -24-hour capability in ECM environment -C4I network interface -Very short reaction and engagement times -High detection and kill probability against targets ranging from aircraft, helicopters and UAVs to ...



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