Video - Super SAAB is ALIVE!!!

Videa Saab Super SAAB is ALIVE!!!

Super SAAB is ALIVE!!!

This is my 2006 Cobalt SS/SC. I blew my motor at 82k from a lean aggressive tune. I replaced the motor on my own with the help of a friend. Neither of us had every done any engine work EVER. AT ALL. It was swapped to a Saab 9-3 B207R motor and all needed items to make it work out for us. It's on a horrible 1 hour tune that is just to make it drive and idle. In 3 days, I will have a full tune to make it work like a dream. MODS: 80lb Injectors ZZP 3.0 Pulley Pacesetter Header K & N Intake B & M Short Shift Kit FE5 Struts Lowered on Goldline's LNF Transmission Mounts LNF Upgraded Shifter Bracket ZZP Strut Tower Brace Probably missing stuff, but that's life.

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