Video - The Saab Museum (overview by a french Troll)

Videa Saab The Saab Museum (overview by a french Troll)

The Saab Museum (overview by a french Troll)

This is a video made by two french Saab nuts and readers of SAABLOG-IN and SAABSUNITED. Back to April 2012, the Saab Museum was saved (for the moment) thanks to Wallenberg Foundation and Trollhättan City. But SAABSUNITED decided to give to the Museum what they called "the last Saab", a beautiul Saab 9-3 Griffin - that unfortunately has not be filmed here :( . SAABLOG-IN reports that call to its french speaking readers. Eric and Olivier, two Saab owners were touched by this symbolic gift. They decided not only to contribute to the funding of the "last Saab" to Saab Museum, they also decided to come with their wifes for the first time to Trollhättan. Saab situation is hurting people there but many of the million Saab owners in the world feel so disapointed by Saab issue. Eric and Olivier flew to Gottenburg in june and they have brought us this great video. This video is just a preview. Many models are not represented for technical reasons. I urge you, if you are a Saab fan, to organize as well a visit to the Saab Museum of Trollhättan. More information about Saab Museum here : ----------- Rémi, le blog Saab, SAABLOG-IN (http




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