Video - Unboxing of Revell SAAB JAS 39 Grippen

Videa Saab Unboxing of Revell SAAB JAS 39 Grippen

Unboxing of Revell SAAB JAS 39 Grippen

Sweden first ordered the JAS 39 in 1982; this first order was named Batch One and consisted of 30 JAS 39A single-seaters. The first Gripen was rolled out on 26 April 1987, marking Saab's 50th anniversary. Originally planned to fly in 1987,[9] the first prototype (serial number 39-1) took its maiden flight on 9 December 1988 with pilot Stig Holmström at the controls.During the test programme, concern surfaced about the aircraft's avionics, specifically the fly-by-wire flight control system (FCS), and the relaxed stability design configuration.On 2 February 1989, the problem was highlighted with the crash of the prototype while landing at Linköping;[8] Test pilot Lars Radeström was able to walk way with only a broken arm. The cause of the crash was identified as pilot-induced oscillation (PIO), caused by problems to the FCS's pitch-control routine. To rectify the problem, Saab undertook major software improvements in conjunction with Calspan from the United States.[8] A modified Lockheed NT-33A was used to test out these changes, and, within fifteen months after the accident, flight testing resumed.The programme was again hindered when, on 18 August 1993, production aircraft 39102 was destroyed in an accident during an aerial display in Stockholm. The pilot Radeström lost control of the aircraft during a roll at low altitude, and the aircraft stalled within six seconds, forcing him to eject. The jet impacted into a small island near thousands of onlookers, but no one was ...

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