Vozidlo Saab 9-3 II Convertible

Model Saab 9-3 II Convertible
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Rok 2005 (12 let)
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I've had the Saab since Feb 2013 Average 33mpg. ( 300 miles motorway at 85mph to 80 miles local driving in between refills. ) If I stick to 70mph I get 37mpg ( measured - not the optomistic trip meter ). Good points are the cheap servicing and good looks of the car. most agree it is a stunning-looking car. The finish and quality of the body itself is very very good. The powertrain is excellent. It is very reliable with good punchy mid-range torque that makes overtaking a doddle and leaves others a bit startled with the ferocity with which it is capable of accelerating in a right gear.

The handling is excellent and any further ability would be academic unless you want to take it on a track day!

So who the hell made the interior plastics and that hood/wiper combination? The plastics are ill-fitting and bendy.

The hood? Well, yes it's a very clever design and it goes up and down very quickly. But the wind noise! The seals between the side windows emits a constant low whistle above 50 and in certain conditions the wipers make a huge whooshing noise and the disturbed airflow make the hood act like a giant pair of bellows!

Interestingly, with the hood down, the wipers still make a huge whooshing sound at anything above 60mph. This really is a pity because it spoils an otherwise very good car.

Apparently this is a charcteristic. Great, but it's one I could well do without.

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